To celebrate her 39th birthday, Beyoncé donated $1 million to black-owned small businesses.  The news was announced through Beyoncé’s philanthropic organization, BeyGOOD, which she partnered with the NAACP on the donation.  In an Instagram post, the foundation revealed, “Proud to announce $1m in additional funds from Beyoncé to help black-owned small businesses.  Round two of funding opens this month, with our partner NAACP.”




Back in July, BeyGOOD announced The Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund.  Their goal – to assist small businesses that have been impacted by recent events.



In a statement made by the NAACP, it said, “Over the last couple of months, the pandemic and outpours for justice throughout the black community and across the country has been felt in every imaginable area of our lives, including in how our local businesses continue to operate.  The challenges of black business owners navigating in the climate cannot be understated, as the effects of uprisings across the nation have led to many businesses being placed in dire straits due to damages and other small business needs.”




According to BeyGOOD’s website, the first round of donations went to businesses in Atlanta, L.A., New York, Houston, and Minneapolis.


Happy Belated Birthday, Queen Bey!


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