Halsey recently shared an AMAZING acoustic cover of her latest single ‘Graveyard’ and there’s a music video!  Halsey recorded the cover in Nashville and as Billboard notes, “The clip finds the pop star awash in rosy light as she performs the emotive track surrounded by flickering votive candles, fake roses and a variety of antique lamps.”


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Halsey third studio album, Manic, is set to drop on January 17, 2020 and during a Twitter fan Q&A, Halsey took the time to answer questions about her upcoming album.  See below.



Fan: “Is Manic better than Badlands?”

Halsey: “My friends and I think so.  It’s just a different thing.  It’s so real.”


Fan: “Less theatrical than I’m assuming?”

Halsey: “Not necessarily.  In a weird way it is.  It gets very grand and delusional and colourful at times.  And then sometimes it’s very *tiny voice* and straight up.  It’s called MANIC!”


Fan: “So will we have more song like Clementine?”

Halsey: “No 2 songs on the album are alike!”


You can expect to see ‘Without Me,’ ‘Nightmare,’ ‘Clementine’ and ‘Graveyard’ all on Halsey’s third studio album.



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