The cutest song you’re going to hear this week! A second grade Pittsburgh teacher remixed Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ and it’s so good, it even has Lizzo talking!


Dorothy Mallari switched up the words and accompanied by her students, sang about ‘being great and nice to one another while in the classroom.’  Following the video’s release, Lizzo tweeted, “This IS the best thing I’ve watched today.”  Dorothy then told a local news station ‘that she chose to rewrite the song for her students because she liked the beat and it fit in with her lesson plan of finding a track each year to reflect what’s going on in the classroom and what her kids are into.’  She continues, “We were talking about flexible seating and classroom culture.”


Watch the video below.



Below are the lyrics to the ‘Classroom Remix.’


“Let’s be great, cuz’ I know you are great / I just took an ELA test, turns out I’m 100% that smart / Even when I’m feeling lazy, yeah, I got math problems that’s the student in me / Buzz, buzz then I solve them, that’s the worker (bee) in me / You want to have a good friend, who’s committed / Hope you with your homework, just a little / You know I’ll hold you down, because you got my back / And that’s the sound, of the yellow and black! / Let’s be great, cuz’ I know we are great /  Let’s hurry, we don’t want to be late / Choose a crate or a wobbly chair / Let’s take turns so we know it is fair / In this class you’ll never catch us fighting / Tim’s up we need to start our writing / Smart spots makes learning more exciting.”

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