Back in August, Normani dropped a track that had everyone talking … Motivation!




More than two months later, Normani recruited 21 Savage for the ‘Motivation Remix’ and it’s a track that NEEDS to be on your playlist!




21 Savage raps: 

“One look was all it took (21), she know what to do
I swear she read me like a book (Straight up)
Be my motivation. when I come home she gon’ cook (On God)
Took her from my ex, they like “Savage you a crook” (21)
I rap for a living so she know I’m off the hook (Facts)
Use to be a dog in the past, now I’m good (On God)
She’s a popstar, I got it hanging in the hood (On God)
Call her Home Depot, I fill her up with wood (Straight up)
Play with her, you get smoke, capeesh, understood? (Straight up)
Louis slides (Yeah), got Chanel purse on every one of my bags (21)
Brand new Spider, drop the top, let her drive (Skkrt)
Don’t take it personal, baby, sometimes I be shy (On God)
I’m a Libra, they say all we do is lie
You can’t hear the rumors when you’re this high in the sky (Facts)
If you can’t touch the ground, we compliment each other, fly.”



Since parting ways with Fifth Harmony, Normani has previously released collaborations with Sam Smith, Khalid, Ariana Grande and more.  Although Normani has yet to drop a release date for her debut, solo album, she did confirm it’ll be ready in 2020.  Back in September, Normani shared, “This is my very first album.  I’m never gonna get my very first album cycle again and I want it to be special.  I don’t wanna rush it.”


Below is the music video for ‘Motivation.’




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