Charlie Puth proved he’s the biggest fan of the hit show, ‘FRIENDS.’




Courtney Cox, who played the lovable and hilarious Monica Geller, put Charlie to the test during Billboard’s new web series called ‘Quizzed.’  Courtney asked the questions and Charlie crushed it each time.


The game lasted three rounds: the first, a round of True or False, the second round was general trivia and in the third and final round, Charlie was to name ‘who said what.’  Some of the questions Courtney asked Charlie included, “’What does Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow] change her name to after she marries Mike [Paul Rudd]?’ ‘What kind of doctor was Dr. Drake Ramoray [played by Joey]?’, and “True or false, the name of the 1950s-themed diner Monica worked at was Moondance Diner?”


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Trying to play it cool with all this heat. #friends25

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‘Friends’ premiered in 1994 and recently celebrated an incredible 25 years!




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