The Cashew…a staple in a can of Christmas Mix Nuts. Sometimes you’d be lucky to find one hangin’ out with M&Ms, raisins and peanuts in a trail mix. Even the ever so delicious Cashew Chicken dish wouldn’t be the same without the nut…or is it a nut?

Twitter is dealing with the image of how Cashews actually grow!

The Cashew is just minding it’s business when Twitter decided to go off on them!  Some people are comparing their appearance to “Old Angry Men”

Let me drop some KNOWLEDGE on y’all!! Cahsews are the fruit of a cashew apple!

Yeah! They grow on cashew trees (that’s fitting) and they are harvested from these cashew apples.

The inner fruit of the apple isn’t really used…the Cashew growing on the top of it is the main attraction!

People are now realizing why they are so expensive

So now you know…Cashews are the fruit of s Cashew Apple!

~ Ryan


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