This week, the KiSS Crew will be hitting up:

  • KiSS Crew Cruiser Stops – Wednesday, August 14th
  • KiSS Day at The PNE Fair – Saturday, August 17th


Alright alright, let’s get the elephant out of the room… We didn’t do anything last week… There I said it, it’s true. Not gonna name names, but we had a few vacations last week… Tsk, tsk, tsk… However, I can say that I am beyond proud that we’re back and we’re HERE TO STAY!!!

So what’s on the agenda for this week you ask? Well… Wednesday we’re going to be hitting up various places in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley to hand out some Booster Juice vouchers for a free smoothie, some frisbees, some water bottles and maybe more, if you’re lucky. (Just between you and I… We’ll be at the White Rock Pier so definitely make sure you come snag some goodies ;))

Then we’ve got the Big Day! No, not the Chance the Rapper album… We try not to talk about that here… Yikes… I’m talking about the amazing KiSS Day at The PNE Fair this Saturday! It’s actually gonna be wild, we’re pulling out all the stops for this one. I mean we had to, we’ve been off for a week. It’s the least we can do. We’re gonna have a bunch of games to play, bomb music (as always) and an abundance of prizes for you to win.

This was setup last year. I guess It’s cool.. But this year though, not trying to toot my own horn, but it’ll be like this times 10 for sure. Oh also did I mention that we’ll be there all day? And I mean like ALL DAY, open to close baby!!!!


The KiSS Crew is beyond excited to hit up tons of events throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley all summer long! Keep a lookout for the KiSS Crew in your area, we just might surprise you.

The KiSS Cruiser is kept hydrated by our friends at Booster Juice and PNE/Playland!