This week, the KiSS Crew will be hitting up:

  • Shipyards Night Market – Friday, August 2nd
  • Maple Ridge Caribbean Fest. Saturday, August 3rd
  • PRIDE!!!! – Sunday, August 4th

And this is what we’ve been up to!

We started off our week pretty late, other than planning and prepping for the weekend our first event was on Friday and it was a PARTY! Like seriously though, Pride premiere at Robson square was a total blast. They actually had some really sweet art installations for cute photo ops, a disco, good food and of course big smiles all round. Probably because I was DJ’ing. “Flips hair back.” It was honestly such a perfect way to kick off Pride week and I am BEYOND excited for this weekend and the parade and all the amazing things going on.l It’s going to be an absolute BLAST.

Next, we hit up THE BACK STREET BOYS!!! OH YEAH! And as cliche as it sounds, I have no choice but to admit that they were definitely back alright. They absolutely SLAYED that show. The energy was amazing, the room was roaring and their voices and choreography were silky smooth. Our KiSS Crew member Mike even got to meet them. Not gonna lie, I’m VERY jealous. Not to mention how amazing their fans are. We had so much fun taking photos ofand with people all night. BSB fans are absolute sweethearts!!