Ed Sheeran dropped his highly antipated new album, No.6 Collaborations Project.



The album includes collabs with Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Bruno Mars, Khalid and many more! In addition to lyrics (below) from each one of Ed’s new songs that you can use for Instagram and other social media platforms, you can also take a listen to every song off of the album.  Enjoy!



Beautiful People



  • “Everybody’s lookin’ for a come up, and they wanna know what you’re about.  Me in the middle with the one I love and we’re just tryna figure everything out.”
  • “We don’t fit in well ’cause we are just ourselves”
  • “I’m not fazed by all them lights and flashin’ cameras.  ‘Cause with my arms around you, there’s no need to care.”
  • “Drop top, designer clothes.  Front row at fashion shows.”
  • “Inside the world of beautiful people, champagne and rolled-up notes.  Prenups and broken homes, surrounded, but still alone.”


South of the Border



  • “She got the mmm, brown eyes, caramel thighs.  Long hair, no wedding ring, hey.”
  • “I saw you lookin’ from across the way, and now I really wanna know your name.”
  • “Jump in that water, be free. Come south of the border with me.”
  • “He got that mmm, green eyes, givin’ me signs, that he really wants to know my name, hey.”
  • “You never live ’til you risk your life.  You wanna shine, you gotta get more ice.”
  • “Kiss me like you need me, rub me like a genie.  Pull up to my spot in Lamborghini.”



Cross Me



  • “Anything she needs, she can call me.  Don’t worry ’bout me, that’s my seed, yup, that’s all me.”
  • “Just know, if you cross her, then you cross me.”
  • “And she ain’t messin’ with no other man, and me and her have something different.  I really need all you to understand, that nobody’s comin’ close.”
  • “And I don’t ever wanna run around, I spent my youth jumpin’ in and out.”
  • “Death stare, cross arm, runnin’ your mouth like a faucet, but you don’t know that my girl been doin’ CrossFit.”
  • “Pew, kung pow, hit your a** with a cross kick.”
  • “Better pay your respect to the queen, better do that shit without a flirt.”


Take Me Back to London



  • “Jet plane headed up to the sky, spread wings in the clouds, getting high.”
  • “Give me a packet of crisps with my pint, I hit my friends up, go straight to the pub.”
  • “Bass high, middle nights, ceilin’ low, sweat brow drippin’ down, when in Rome.”
  • “I’ve been away for a while, travelled a million miles.”



Best Part of Me



  • “My lungs are black, my heart is pure.”
  • “My hands are scarred from nights before.”
  • “And my hair is thin and falling out of all the wrong places, I am a little insecure.”
  • “My eyes are crossed, but they’re still blue, I bite my nails and tell the truth.”
  • I go from thin to overweight, day to day, it fluctuates, my skin is inked, but faded, too.”
  • “The best part of me is you.”
  • “I overthink and still forget, I lose my phone and place my bets.”
  • “And I never catch the train on time, always 30 minutes behind.”



I Don’t Care



  • “I’m at a party I don’t wanna be at, and I don’t ever wear a suit and tie.”
  • “Wonderin’ if I could sneak out the back, nobody’s even lookin’ me in my eyes.”
  • “Don’t think I fit in at this party, everyone’s got so much to say.  I always feel like I’m nobody, who wants to fit in anyway?”
  • “‘Cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby, all the bad things disappear.”
  • “‘Cause I don’t care as long as you just hold me near, you can take me anywhere.”
  • “Read your lips, I’d rather kiss ’em right back.”
  • “With all these people all around, I’m crippled with anxiety.”
  • “I don’t like nobody but you, it’s like you’re the only one here.”






  • “Friday night and I’m ridin’ solo, when I touch down, keep it on the low-low.”
  • “I don’t mess with your energy, no photos, so antisocial, but I don’t care.”
  • “Got my hat low, don’t talk to me.”
  • “I’ve been down, give me some space, you don’t know what’s in my brain.  Music loud, easin’ my pain.”
  • “Don’t touch me, I came to vibe.”
  • “Won’t let nothing come in between me and the night.”
  • “Where you standin’ way too close, you might catch fumes.”
  • “When I zoom, pass out, wake up by myself right past noon, then I’m doomed.”
  • “Hennessy’s drownin’ all of my issues.”
  • “I’ve been lost out in outer space, you left me right in my place.”


Remember the Name



  • “Wanted to make it big, I wished it to existence.”
  • “I never was a sick kid, always dismissed quick.”
  • And if you’re talkin’ money, then my conversation’s shiftin’.”
  • My dreams are bigger than just bein’ on the rich list.”
  • “Might be insanity, but people call it gifted.”
  • “Watch how the lyrics in the songs might get twisted, my wife wears red, but looks better without the lipstick.”
  • “I’m a private guy and you know nothin’ ’bout my business.”
  • “20 years old is when I came in the game, and now it’s eight years on and you remember the name.”
  • “And if you thought I was good, well, then I’m better today.”
  • “You know it ain’t my time to call it a day, I wanna crack on and I wanna be paid.”
  • “If rap was skinny jeans, I couldn’t do anything in ’em, I’d be splitting seams of denim when I’m spitting schemes.”
  • “Ain’t nobody cold as me, I dress so fresh, so clean, you can find me in my whip, rockin’ my Fendi drip.”
  • “The turn up be so real, we ’bout to be super lit.”
  • “But it’s ’bout time you remember the name.”






  • “You done knocked me right off of my feet.
  • “Baby, I got the feels.  Say that I’m out my mind, but it’s somethin’ real.
  • “Jump into the crowd, leave your hand in the sky.
  • Gotta trust your crowd, gotta land in the cloud.
  • “She contagious like poison ivy.
  • “Used to be Playboy heartbreaker, but for you, I’ll travel a thousand acres.
  • “So I never ever treat you like Billie Jean, ain’t nothin’ like anything I ever really seen.



Put It All On Me



  • “Having my woman there is good for my soul.
  • “I try to be strong, well, I got demons.
  • “I need a strong heart and a soft touch, and you’re the one when I want love.
  • “It’s you and only you who can be takin’ away, the s**t that I go through each and every day.
  • “When I’m alone with you, you make it better again.”
  • “Oh, my darlin’, put your worries on me, can’t judge you ’cause I feel the same thing.”



Nothing On You



  • I got everything I need in this room, smoke clouds and a scent of perfume.”
  • “But they ain’t got nothing on you.
  • “Look, take the lead, follow me, what’s it gonna be? How you playin’ hard to get when you hollered me?
  • “I fly in a spaceship, I gotta land the Rover.
  • “I’m a fashionista, she in Fashion Nova and a mad persona.
  • “The outfit, it cost bread, I got the matching loafers.



I Don’t Want Your Money



  • “I been away on the road for a little while.  Today, I’m headin’ home to make my baby smile.”
  • “But I need you here for the good times and the bad times.”
  • “I don’t want your money, you know I just want your time.
  • “Tryna make a success outta myself I guess, I could have been more present, but I was in a mess.
  • “There ain’t no diamonds, silver or gold, that can replace a man’s love in our home.



1000 Nights



  • “I’ve been gone so long, gettin’ up and gettin’ faded.
  • “So I’m on, keepin’ on, stayin’ up for a thousand nights.
  • “Bad b***h look like Mona Lisa.
  • Flippin’ off a yacht in Ibiza, clear port, hasta la vista.
  • “Do it all again when we touchdown, everything bust down.
  • “I started makin’ moves, they showin’ me love now.
  • “Look like a light bulb ’cause, b***h, I’m the plug now.
  • “And now you know we poppin’, we bubble like soda pop.
  • “The millions get wired, them Benny hunnids still go in pocket.
  • “On to the next town, but now it’s to the next continent.



Way to Break My Heart


  • “Used to be two hearts in love.
  • “First love never dies, guess I’ll see you in another life.
  • “Her lips upon mine, so soft, feelings I don’t know the name of.
  • ‘Cause when the morning comes around, you’re still gone and I’ll say.  How can I see through the dark?
  • “All I can do is wonder where you are, are you happy in someone else’s arms?



  • “I’m feelin’ like a bullet jumpin’ out a gun, I’m feelin’ like a winner, I feel like the one.”
  • “Supernatural woman, supernatural freak, don’t know what you’re doin’, got me feelin’ weak.”
  • “Hot damn, pop it like a pistol, mama.
  • “Locked, loaded, shoot my shot tonight.
  • “Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind.
  • “You red leather rocket, you little foxy queen, everybody’s watching, pretty little thing.


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