Your favourite Jersey family is back for another season! This season on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, be prepared for more drunk nights, complete madness and amazing, heartfelt moments.



Earlier this week, a trailer was dropped for the show’s newest season and here’s what to expect:

  • Mike is getting married.
  • Snooki announces her pregnancy.
  • Deena delivers her baby boy.
  • Jenni is getting divorced.
  • Deena and Angelina fight.
  • Mike is sentenced to jail.
  • Cowboys and horses.
  • Ronnie gets jumped.
  • And the classic drunk, Jersey Shore partying.


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In one of the scenes, you can hear Pauly D tell Mike, “Whatever the outcome may be, we’re here for you throughout the whole process.”




And Ronnie says, “We definitely all are going through our own stuff.  We’re not kids anymore.”



Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns July 11!

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