This week, the KiSS Crew will be hitting up:

  • Toy Story 4 Advanced Screening – Wednesday, June 19th
  • East Side Pride – Saturday, June 22nd 
  • Summer Sunday Cultus Adventure Park  – Sunday, June 23rd

And this is what we’ve been up to!

Last week we actually had a total blast, I say that like we don’t have a total blast every week. #BestJobEver. But yeah, It was honestly a pretty sick week. First we hit up the Longest Day Race up at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium, which was more like the Longest Evening Race (it started at 6:30pm, not quite a day event if you ask me…) It turned out to be the PERFECT night since the day started out a bit mucky weather wise.

There were so many racers that either ran 5k or 10k, good for them. I would honestly die a little on the inside if I tried to run. Like at all. There was also a bouncy castle and slide which was pretty awesome! I was hoping to sneak in a quick slide but things got a little busy taking instax photos with our beautiful Fujifilm cameras!!


If this week couldn’t get any better it did, like for real. WE WENT TO SHAWN MENDES! OH MY LORD, WAS HE EVER DREAMY. And let me tell ya something, he honestly has some of the most amazing fans I’ve ever seen. I honestly can’t even describe the energy that was outside Rogers Arena. People were so pumped it was unbelievable!! We had out two instax Fujifilm cameras and we brought like over 200 films. They were gone in like an hour and a half. It was real madness! Oh, and don’t even get me started and that mans voice *Gulp* I’ve never drooled so much in my life.


Even though we went to bed at 1 AM after Shawn Mendes. We were pumped and ready to go for the Junior Golf Day at 6:30am. Let me start out with WOW, what a view we had up at the Westwood Plateau golf course. We could see almost all of the Lower Mainland!! The energy at the event was CRAZY! So many young golfers were getting their adrenaline pumping by playing some KiSS BINGO for some sweet free Booster Juice coupons and PNE bags!


Holy, this was a crazy busy week. Finally to end it all, we were at Pepper-wireless on Robson on what may have been one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far (yeah yeah whatever i know its technically still spring, just let me have some fun alright…) As you would expect Robson was BUMPIN’ on a beautiful day and so were we!! We had our amazing caricature artist with us and he was making some of the sweetest drawings in such quick time, it was nuts honestly. I also made cotton candy all day too so that was cool.


The KiSS Crew is beyond excited to hit up tons of events throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley all summer long! Keep a lookout for the KiSS Crew in your area, we just might surprise you.

The KiSS Cruiser is kept hydrated by our friends at Booster Juice and PNE/Playland!