Lance, JC, Chris and Joey joined Ariana Grande on stage during Coachella and their performance got a lot of people talking about a reunion.


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NSYNC member Lance Bass recently chatted with Variety and he confirmed a possible reunion.  Lance explains, “We haven’t talked about what the next step is but I know we’ll sit down during the summer together and figure it out.  There are many, many things coming across our desk because of Coachella that we would be stupid not to discuss and look at,” he continued. “Coachella was incredible and it was a big moment for ‘NSYNC.”


Watch their performance with Ariana below.



Together on stage, Ariana performed ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,’ which samples ‘It Make Me Ill’ from their 2002 album, ‘No Strings Attached’ and then was joined by NSYNC to perform ‘Tearing Up My Heart.’  Although Justin Timberlake couldn’t be present for this performance, he still showed love on the gram.  Justin writes, “You guys killed it last night.”


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You guys killed it last night

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Joey Fatone also weighed in on the possible reunion, he explained, “We have to have the conversation, even without Justin. The whole thing about it is it’s really awkward. It’s not awkward, but it’s weird.  People will be like, ‘If Justin doesn’t do it, the group’s not gonna do it.’ That wasn’t even the case. That’s not even the conversation. Everyone’s heads are in different times and different places in our lives.”


All I have to say is … if the Spice Girls can do a UK tour without a fifth member, so can NSYNC!

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