Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift dated from July to October of 2008 and at the end of their relationship, broke up with her over the phone.  Shortly, after Taylor wrote a song about the relationship and while throwing Joe underneath the bus, Taylor threw shade towards her ex while chatting with Ellen DeGeneres.  To promote her then new album Fearless back in 2012, Taylor opened up about dating Joe Jonas.  As Taylor said, “When I find that person that is right for me, and he’ll be wonderful, and when I look at that person [Joe], I’m not even going to be able to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18.”




Fast forward to 2019, while Taylor was on The Ellen Show, she and Ellen played a round of ‘Burning Questions.’  When she was asked, “What is the most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?” Taylor responded with, “Probably when I put Joe Jonas on blast on your show.  That was too much. I was 18. We laugh about it now, but that was mouthy. Just some teenage stuff there.” And she even apologized.





Following Taylor’s recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Joe Jonas has spoken and surprisingly, had nothing but kind words to share.  Joe explains, “Yeah, I mean, it did feel nice.  It’s something that I was probably feeling pretty bad about when I was younger.  But at the end of the day, I’ve moved on. I’m sure Taylor’s moved on. And it feels nice. We’re all friends. It’s all good.  We were all so young.”


And in case you were wondering, this was the song Taylor wrote for Joe.



If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s to never break up with Taylor over the phone!



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