Ahhh I cannot contain my excitement right now – Halsey announced that she’s finally releasing a new track, it’s called Nightmare and it’s dropping on May 17!




Halsey recently took over Webster Hall down in New York Show for a two-night performance and during her second performance, she dropped a curtain over the stage, and announced to the hundreds of fans in attendance that a new song is dropping on May 17!



Although fans knew Halsey had a project in the works, she still managed to keep things on the hush.  According to Billboard, there was a fan video that surfaced across social media of Halsey leaving the venue during her first performance.  It was there that Halsey initially announced, “There’s new music coming sooner than you think.” However, when a fan asked about the May 17 release rumours, Halsey responded with, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  And there’s a reason why Webster Hall is so important to Halsey – that’s where she performed her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album ‘all the way through,’ as Billboard notes.


Check out how Halsey announced her song news below.



Nightmare will be Halsey’s follow-up single to ‘Without Me’ and her most recent collaboration with BTS which, by the way, the music video for ‘Boy With Luv’ has already racked up over 277 million views on YouTube.  IF and when Halsey drops a new album, that will be the follow-up to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which was released back in June of 2017.


6 days, folks!!!!

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