Kelly Clarkson is officially queen in my books!


Following her hosting duties at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Entertainment Tonight first learned Kelly was rushed to the hospital after suffering from appendicitis the entire week.  According to her tweet, Kelly flew from Las Vegas to L.A. to have her surgery.


Kelly tweeted, “Not gonna lie … I may or may have broken down in tears after the show from pain BUT thanks 2 all the amazing people at Cedars-Sinai I flew home directly after the event, nailed the surgery early this morning and feeling awesome now! Bye bye appendix #TheShowMustGoOn.”



Kelly might’ve been in pain but can I just say she KILLED her performance at the 2019 BBMAs.  Watch below.





According to Entertainment Tonight, The singer is now home resting and recuperating and plans to be back to work on The Voice for their live show on Monday.”  And don’t forget – The Kelly Clarkson Show will debut on September 9.

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