Ummm say what, now?!?!


During his chat with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Pete Davidson revealed he’s living with his mom. He explained to Jimmy he and his mom recently purchased a home together, “So I live with my mom… well we bought a house together, but nobody believes that. So I live with my mom, kinda.  So I have, like, a basement that’s mine, but that’s, like, an apartment, so I live underneath her.”



At one point in the conversation, Pete told Jimmy he decided to build a small arcade in the basement, “I was calling it The Man Cave, but the Mulaneys told me that if I call it that they will no longer be my friend.  So, now I call it The Basement like The Ohio State University. I don’t like that college. It’s the ‘the’ that’s the important part.”


Fans are suspected Pete is having some romance issues with new girlfriend, Kate Beckinsale.  While on The Tonight Show, Pete told Jimmy his favourite video game is Mortal Kombat 11 and based on his reasoning, people are assuming that’s a relationship red flag, “There’s this guy that I’d really like to kill in it ’cause he looks like a real douchebag. So there’s this guy, Johnny Cage, so he does splits and punches you in the d**k. It’s his special move. He just looks like everybody I grew up with in Staten Island, so I just kill that dude. I enjoy killing him.”  Here’s why fans think he and Kate are having issues – Pete explains, “Also he has, like, a hot daughter, which is weird because I’m, like, lonely and she’s, like, not real.  So there’s that in the video game as well — sexual confusion. The effects are, like, really good.”



Prior to Pete being with Kate, he was engaged to Ariana Grande after dating for only a few weeks.  When the relationship ended, Pete moved out of their New York apartment and since January, has been linked with Kate.



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