Drake is cookin’ up a brand new album – he said so himself in London!



During a recent performance in London at the O2 Arena on the Assassination Vacation Tour, Drake announced to the thousand of fans in attendance that he’s beginning to work on new music, “What I’mma do, I kinda started night last night to be honest with you but, I think what I’m going to do after this, is go home and I’mma make a new album so I can come back to London next year and so we can do this again.”  Drake also stated that London is, “One of [his] favorite places to be in the world.” (Toronto better be number one, Drake!)




And this isn’t the first time Drake announced new album news – while on his Abrey & the Three Migos Tour, Drake then announced, “Six shows left.  I guess most people would go on vacation, or I don’t know what they do … but I’mma tell you what I’m gonna do.  Because I keep having nights like this that remind me why I love my job so much, I promise you that as soon as this tour is over – and maybe I’ll take, like, a little break – I’mma get right to work on a new album, so we can be right here and have a new party.”  Okay so the same words were shared with London and yes, these words were promised by Drake in November but it’s a new year so maybe NOW Drake is getting serious.



Drake’s last album, Scorpion broke all sorts of music records.  For one, Drake was announced as the first artist to reach one billion streams in one week.



Drake even broke a record that was once held by The Beatles.  Following the release of Scorpion, seven records off of the album were featured within Billboard’s Top 10 – The Beatles had five songs in 1964.


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All 7’s…

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Fingers crossed we get a Drake-banger by summer time!


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