Daddy Yankee’s ‘Con Calma’ is the newest version of Snow’s ‘Informer’ which was released back in 1992.  Since its release, ‘Con Calma’ spent seven weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and now Daddy Yankee is bringing it to The Late Late Show stage.  Joined for the first time, on stage by a handful of backup dancers dressed in jumpsuits, Daddy Yankee was James Corden’s musical guest and he had everyone on their feet!




Prior to his performance, Daddy Yankee tweeted, “Catch me this Wednesday performing the #1 Most-Streamed Song Globally on the Late Late Show with James Corden.”



According to Rolling Stone, “Last year Daddy Yankee became the first Latin artist to reach No. 1 on Spotify, which scored him 10 Guinness World Records. “Despacito,” his 2017 single with Luis Fonsi, became a massive hit. The singer was honoured with Premio Lo Nuestro’s Lifetime Achievement Award in February, where he performed a medley of his career hits.”




Daddy Yankee explained to Apple Music, “It was one of my favourite songs growing up, and to do this the right way I needed the guy to be on the record. You got to give honour to a classic in order to make a new version of it.”


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#ConCalma LA CANCIÓN MÁS GRANDE DEL 2019. Esta semana es la canción #1 en Latin AirPlay Charts de Billboard convirtiéndola en la canción más escuchada en Estados Unidos Y Puerto Rico . #ConCalma es la segunda canción más escuchada en el mundo en Spotify y Deezer . Gracias a ustedes el video se ha convertido en un fenómeno viral sobrepasando 300 millones de vistas en 35 y colocándolo en el video más visto en el mundo en YouTube por dos semanas consecutivas. El single es #1 en más de 15 países en Spotify y Apple Music y Top 10 alrededor del mundo incluyendo Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, y Romania. Daddy Yankee's “Con Calma" Ft Snow #1 On Billboard's Latin Airplay Songs Chart and #1 Latin Digital Songs “Con Calma" Bows At #2 On Spotify's Global Chart and Deezer Global Charts The Music Video Becomes A Viral Smash And Remains At #1 On YouTube's Global Chart For A Second Consecutive The Music Video Reach 300 Million Views In 35 Days The Single Is At The Top Of Spotify And Apple's Charts In 15 Spanish Speaking Countries While Entering The Top 10 Position Around The World Including Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, And Romania #concalma @snowdko @playnskillz

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Snow says, “What matters is I get to see now. When I came out with ‘Informer’ we didn’t have no internet so I couldn’t see nobody dancing, I couldn’t see nobody singin’ along, I couldn’t see that little girl and her mother dancin’ together and all that kinda stuff. We couldn’t see that. But now, I can see people lovin’ it and the kids and the mothers doin’ the dances and I love it. But all the ‘fameness’ stuff? It don’t matter to me.”


And if you didn’t already know, ‘Con Calma’ now has over 400,000 million views – at least that’s what Snow says on Instagram.


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