Two weeks ago, producers Benny Blanco Tainy collaborated on a record along Selena Gomez and J Balvin and together, dropped ‘I Can’t Get Enough.’  In addition to that new record, we also have a new music video.



The record was originally teased back in February, with Selena and Balvin swapping verses back and forth from english to Spanish.  After watching the video, I’m super jealous of that mattress size – I mean, who wouldn’t want something that size in their bedroom? I would never leave! Dressed in silk PJS (minus Benny Blanco who is rocking some type of Teddy bear suit), the video shows Selena, Tainy and Balvin lounging around, play fighting and dancing on this huge mattress, singing along to the vocals.




You can thank Benny Blanco and Tainy for this English-Spanish crossover.  Tainy, the talent (and man) behind Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’ and Benny, who brought you the massive hit ‘Eastside’ with Halsey and Khalid.  It was just last week Tainy told Rolling Stone, “I heard Selena was looking for tracks.  So I sat down with Mike Sabath and Cris Chil, two songwriters. We did a couple sessions, but that came out the first day.”


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I can’t get enough – 5AM pst Thursday 2/28

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This isn’t the first English-Spanish crossover for Selena.  Back in 2018, Selena along with Cardi B and Ozuna released a track that was produced by DJ Snake called ‘Taki Taki.’  And what does Balvin have to say about Tainy? “Tainy is one of the most talented producers I’ve ever met, and he’s not just a Latino producer. I don’t consider music like that: When someone’s that talented, they’re just a global citizen,” Balvin told Rolling Stone.




As of right now, J Balvin is working on his next album, which is the follow-up to Vibras, an album released in 2018.  Tainy is working on his own LP at the moment, Benny Blanco dropped his ‘Friends Keep Secrets’ album in December – it remains on the Billboard 200s and features ‘Eastside’ and as for Selena, she’s been recently photographed leaving an L.A. recording studio so I wouldn’t be too surprised if she dropped something later this year or early 2020.

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