Poor Cardi B! She just can’t catch a break!

Following her GRAMMY win, Cardi has been receiving non-stop criticism, because as PEOPLE writes, ‘she was undeserving’.

This lead to Cardi deleting her Instagram account, but not before she posted an explosive, fired-filled rant video.

Cardi says, “It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else, that’s not my style and that’s not what I’m with.  I don’t support that.  However, I’ve been taking a lot of s— today. I’m seeing a lot of bulls— today and I saw a lot of s—  last night, and I’m sick of this s—. I work hard for my motherf—ing album.  I remember last year when I didn’t win for ‘Bodak Yellow’ and everybody was like, ‘Cardi got snubbed.’  Now this year’s a f— problem?! My album went two-time platinum, my n—, and every chart that there was, my album was always Top 10. Number one album, as well.”

Cardi continued, “I locked myself in the studio for three months, my n—. Didn’t go to sleep in my bed sometimes for four days straight — pregnant!  While everybody was harassing me like, ‘You’re not gonna do it, we know you pregnant, your career’s over…’”




As CNN reports, “At the beginning of her remarks on the Instagram video, Cardi B appeared to be referring to another controversy regarding rapper Nicki Minaj and the BET network.  BET tweeted about Cardi B’s historic win, writing, “Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.”  “Lacefront” refers to the realistic-looking wigs Minaj and other celebrities are known to sport.”



But that all backfired on BET because Nicki Minaj then tweeted, “Young Money will no longer be apart of the BET Experience or award show.”



As Cardi stated in her video (shown above), “It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else.  That’s not my style and that’s not what I’m with.  I don’t support that.”  Both Cardi and Nicki have had their issues in the past; the rappers got into a fight during New York Fashion Week’s annual Harper’s Bazaar Icons party a few months back.

BET did in fact send an apology letter to Nicki, “We have supported her from the very beginning of her career and will continue to do so moving forward.  Nick has paved the way for so many performers and has solidified her place as one of the most powerful figures in the music industry.” 



At the 2018 GRAMMY awards, Cardi was nominated for two nominations, ‘Best Rap Performance’ and ‘Best Rap Song’ for her debut single, ‘Bodak Yellow.’  Unfortunately, Cardi did not win either (which is where the ‘Cardi was snubbed’ comment came from).  Prior to Cardi deleting her Instagram, she re-taped herself talking about the making of Invasion of Privacy and posted it on the gram.


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