This is what dreams are made of. Cake is great and all, but nothing can match the rich, creamy, deep flavours and textures of CHEESE! Who better to sell something this big than Costco! Right now this 5 tiered cheese masterpiece is only available in the states for $439.99. That’s pretty reasonable considering wedding cakes can run upwards from $200.


The “cake” comes boxed with 5 cheeses; Red Leicester – a sweet, medium-strong flavor with crumbly texture, Danish Blue – subtle and tangy with only mild bleu cheese flavor, Murcia al Vino – a drunken goat cheese, Tuscan Sheep’s Cheese – a smooth, even rind with a semi-firm texture, slightly sharp, and Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie – a luscious triple cream brie.

To be fair this doesn’t need to be a wedding cake, nor do you need to order it from Costco. In fact I’d recommend my favourite cheese store in Vancouver Les Amis Du Fromage.


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