He hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He’s one of Canada’s fastest-rising electronic artists, he goes by the name of Famba and he’s this month’s ‘one to watch’ artist!


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Famba (Ryan Pettipas) is a producer/DJ and began his career back in 2016.  It was his father how introduced him to deadmau5, a Canadian electronic hitmaker.  Once his Famba’s fathered introduced him to the sweet sounds of deadmau5, he traded his love for metal, progressive rock and grunge for EDM.  He began to take interest in EDM artists like Zedd, Pendulum, Tiesto and even Paul Oakenfold.  Famba then dedicated his entire life and career to EDM after attending his first-ever music festival.  “After going to the electronic stage, I realized almost instantly that this is something I had to be involved in. As soon as I got home, I started playing with production software and getting involved in the local EDM community,” he says.


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Making his mark within the local community, Famba, who has grown tremendously alongside his widespread remixes and of course, his major label original releases and has also accumulated millions of streams across multiple musical platforms.  Famba, who is known as one of the ‘premier electronic talents’ from Nova Scotia, he explains how it was to grow up in the countryside, “You definitely have to create your own forms of entertainment here.”


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Famba is a self-taught guitarist and drummer and discovered his love for pop music after working with Corey LeRue, a producer, DJ and songwriter from Halifax’s Neon Dreams, “At one point, I just thought to myself, ‘What if I combine electronic and pop together and see what happens?’ I wanted to see if I could fuse the two sounds halfway in perfect unison.”


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Famba’s breakout hit was a collaboration record called ‘Vibe’ with Frank Pierce.  The track was released in May of 2017 and as Famba describes, “That song changed my life.  It launched my entire career.”  ‘Vibe’ currently has more than 27 million streams collectively and following the release of ‘Vibe,’ Famba then dropped a second single by the name of ‘Space.’  The record is known to be a deep love song and features a real-life couple on vocals, Toito and Karli.



A year later, Famba released another new record called ‘Not Giving Up’ and his current record, ‘Wish You Well’ out now via Sony Music Canada takes Famba to the next level of artistry.  The record is a collaboration with Lucky Rose and Australian vocalist Trove, is on vocals.  ‘Wish You Well’ gives you an idea of what’s to come from Famba, “When I listen to ‘Wish You Well,’ I hear a much more polished and robust sound, even compared to what I was making just a year ago.  It feels like a personal progress record for me.”





And after all of his success, Famba still remains a humble guy, “I’m just a guy from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m not too over the top.  This is what I love. I’m not trying to be anything that I’m not. I’m a relatable, normal person with a passion for music. I hope I can connect with people who share that same passion through my music.”


Famba’s amazing music stats: 

  • 27+ MILLION total audio streams to date
  • 1.5+ MILLION YouTube views to date
  • Breakthrough single “Vibe” amasses 22.5M global streams
  • Follow up single “Space” amasses 1.7M global streams


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