Oh my goodness…Nicki Minaj has been so silent on the Cardi B fight, but now she’s finally spilling the tea.

So let’s rewind to this past weekend, it was Friday night, September 7th to be exact. While we were getting ready for bed, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were both at Harper’s Bazaar ICONS fashion week even in New York and got into a HUGE fight. Like there was hair-pulling, shoes flying. (Not kidding, Cardi B threw her shoe at Nicki)

There’s even video evidence. Things got messy.

After the event, that same night Cardi B wrote this note on Instagram saying,

“I’ve let a lot of s— slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, f— up the way I eat! 
You’ve threaten other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you’ll stop f—— with them!! 
I let you talk big s— about me!! I addressed you once in person, I addressed you a second time in person, and every time you copped the plea!!
But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f—— off!
I’ve worked to hard and come too far to let anybody f—— with my success!!!! B—ches talk all that s— in they raps but in real life they p—! This s— really is for entertainment!!!” 

Nicki Minaj on the other hand kept things pretty quiet…until now.

She finally decided to spill all the details during her Queen Radio podcast saying:

“The other night, I was a part of something so mortifying and so humiliating to go through,The way they passed by looking at this disgusting commotion, I will never forget. I was mortified. I wanna say that I would never discuss anyone’s child and it’s so sad for someone to pin that on me, I am not a clown, That’s clown sh**.You knew that when that footage came out you were about to look dumb, The lord gave you a blessing of a beautiful bundle of joy and the only thing on your mind once you gave birth is to attack people and stop your bags. This woman is at the best stage of her career and she’s out here throwing bottles and throwing shoes, Who is gonna give this woman an intervention?” 


Damn, all this drama…we’re all here like



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