This week, the KiSS Crew will be hitting up:

  • The Fair at the PNE – Wednesday August 29th
  • Aritzia Warehouse Sale – Friday August 31st
  • Richmond World Festival – Saturday September 1st

And this is what we’ve been up to!

It’s honestly always such a blast at the PNE. I mean, how can you wrong really? Theres good food, rides, show’s and us!!!! most people just come to see us, but to be honest we pretty much steal the show. Just saying.

Also did I mention that we tried the best hot dogs IN THE WORLD?!?! I literally had pierogies on my hot dog with green onions, sour cream, pepperoni slices, and fried onions. LIKE COME ON!!!!!

Theres really not much more that I can say other than: You’re seriously telling me you don’t wanna get on that? Like come on now, Im having fun just looking at this picture. (Maybe I just need to get out more though.)

Also did I mention we were at Pet-A-Palooza? WHO’S A GOOD BOY?!?!?!?! (Pretty much me the whole time… But like, do you blame me?) LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!

The KiSS Crew is beyond excited to hit up tons of events throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley all summer long! Keep a lookout for the KiSS Crew in your area, we just might surprise you.

The KiSS Cruiser is kept hydrated by our friends at Booster Juice and PNE/Playland!