This week, the KiSS Crew will be hitting up:

  • The Fair at the PNE – Wednesday August 22nd
  • Shipyard Night Markert – Friday August 24th
  • Pet-A-Palooza – Sunday August 26th

And this is what we’ve been up to!

We seriously had such an amzing Weekend!!! Espcially because we got to kick it off with the PNE!! I mean, can you really ask for a better saturday?

Also can we just have a quick shoutout to the weather? Because Saturday was PERFECT! Absolute perfect overcast weather. The type of day thats still warm, but not too cold at the same time. Like, you could wait in lines and still be comfortable, but still wear shorts. Honestly, just absolutely perfect!

Not to mention all the fun we had the with the on air talents!! Kiah definitely had me laughing when he called someone out in Word Tennis! I mean the category was food you get served at the PNE and this dude said “eggs…” Like c’mon you’re asking for it LOL!

I also heard that Kevin tried the burger with Ice cream on it… Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that… Soggy bun… #Nothanks

The KiSS Crew was in full forced festival mode as we also made a grand appearance at the Langley RibFest! We were pretty lucky to enjoy some darn good ribs and I really mean it. They were just so tender and would seriously melt off the bone. Definitely worth it. **Mouth begins to water as I write this**

It was a real smoky kinda day, and I’m not just talking about the ribs… Sigh….

The KiSS Crew is beyond excited to hit up tons of events throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley all summer long! Keep a lookout for the KiSS Crew in your area, we just might surprise you.

The KiSS Cruiser is kept hydrated by our friends at Booster Juice and PNE/Playland!