Bad news for fans of The Big Bang Theory. Next season in 2019 will be its last.

The show’s last season will premiere on September 24th and is expected to conclude in May.

It’s the most popular sitcom on T.V. right now averaging 18 million viewers an episode.

The show’s won seven Emmys, including four Outstanding Lead Actor wins for Jim Parsons, who plays the main character Sheldon Cooper.

One of the stars Johnny Galecki told Us Weekly in March about a potential show finale. “We spent thousands of days, literally, in the same room together as a unit, as a family. So to not wake up and not have that to go to is going to be very jarring, I’m sure.”

“I hope they write something emotional, because I know we’re all gonna be crying anyway. So you might as well make it appropriate! Capture that on camera, write that to be conducive to the fact that we’re all gonna be blubbering messes that night”.