If you’re unhappy with a service, it’s a good idea to bring it up with a manager and in many cases, they’ll offer a discount. In this case, however, when a dissatisfied customer at a nail salon in Chilliwack said she would only pay half the $76 amount for a manicure, the employees locked the doors and refused to let her leave until the full price was paid.


That’s when things escalated quickly. After a heated NSFW verbal exchange, things turned physical. The police were called and according to the store owner, the authorities were the ones who suggested to keep the customer inside. Meanwhile, Bruce Cran of the Consumers Association of Canada says a business has no right to lock people inside and that if you’re not satisfied with any service, you should speak up.

Here’s the video recorded by staff inside the salon:




And now, the *other* side of the story, filmed by the woman’s step-father outside the locked nail salon:



Intense. Who do you think was in the right?



In related viral news about nail salons, we’ll leave you with this feel-good story. After a Michigan nail salon refused to polish Angela Peters’ nails, Ebony Harris stepped in during her lunch break and gave Peters her own personal manicure. “I just wanted to make her day special,” Harris said about Peters, who has cerebral palsy.




-Kevin and Sonia 




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