The Anger Room (aka Rage Room) craze has been popular around the world for years and now you can vent any pent-up aggression in Richmond. Run by E-Exit escape rooms (9111 Beckwith Road, in Richmond), for a fee you can let loose to your heart’s content by smashing a variety of items for 20 minutes.



Like this:






From e-Exit:
Every booking comes with one basket of stuff for smashing however, you’re welcome to fill the basket with your own stuff for a 20% discount. Also feel free to bring your own music to play over our speakers via aux cable.

If you’re planning to drop by the Anger Room make sure to wear close-toed shoes, besides that we provide all protective gear including coveralls, face masks, and gloves.









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Alternately, next time you’re feeling the stress of the housing market or gridlock on Highway 1, you can try this for free:





-Kevin and Sonia 


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