Why do they always get the coolest things!? Another exclusively Japanese menu item is being added to McDonald’s menu. Check out these Spicy Chicken McNuggets:

I’m salivating. The translation reads, “This time, mak kee tried to turn Danish chicken into mak spicy chicken and vowed to shock everyone’s taste buds, waiting for everyone to be so spicy. With Spicy and spicy new products, there are spicy sauce with onion acid and two points of sauce, and friends who want to be spicy can fight!” Ok so that might not be the best translation, but it’s enjoyable all the same.

I thoroughly tested McDonald’s Japanese menu when I was there last year. Some of my favourites included the Gran Club House, Mega Muffin (Buns, eggs fried over easy, 2 patties, cheese, ketchup), and the classic Terriyaki McBurger

God bless Japan. Chicken Egg Muffin. @mcdonaldsjapan #mcdonalds #japan

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Sampling the local delicacies

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