It’s been a day since Drake gave us his “I’m Upset” music video featuring the Degrassi cast. Well, most of the cast that is!



After watching the video, we have one question. Where is J.T. and Sean?



We actually have the answers and one of them is hilarious!


Daniel Clark, who played Sean gave us his response to not being included in the music video via an Instagram live post:



“I had no idea that this happened. Like, I woke up just as surprised as everyone else. I also heard about it for the first time, and was watching for the first time… I wish I had an answer for you guys. I don’t know.”


The reason why J.T. wasn’t in the video is hilarious though!


Apparently, he thought the Degrassi reunion was a… SCAM!




He thought it was a scam!?!? Understandable, if you were to receive an email or message from someone saying, hey this is Drake’s agent… we are looking to do a Degrassi reunion.




In all reality, it is 2018 and scams are real, BUT you think one of the other cast members would be like, yo bud, did you get that email about the Degrassi Drake music video reunion?


Poor Ryan Cooley. That’s just too funny though!


Glad we have that cleared up now.


-Kevin and Sonia


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