Madison Beer is only 19, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying all that her life in Los Angeles, California has to offer. *wink face*

The singer—who stopped by to talk about her new EP with Zach Sang on the Worldwide Countdown—coyly explained that her age hasn’t really made a difference, as far as partying goes.

“L.A. is like… if you’re low-key, no one really cares,” Beer giggles. “I play [the system]. Nightlife-wise, I only really started going out this year when I turned 18. I… never really had an interest in going out. I would’ve rather stayed in bed and watched TV. I was such a home-body.” Once she hit 18 (the legal drinking age in several Canadian provinces #Blessed), Beer started to explore the clubbing scene more.

When asked how she sneaks in sans legal I.D.—does she made friends with the bouncers? Zach asks—she laughs. “I only really go to like three places in rotation.”

Learn more about Beer’s new EP As She Pleases plus what she knows about the size of Drake’s bathtub (hint: it’s very large) by listening to the full interview!

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