The AJR brothers burst out onto the scene after releasing their hit track “Sober Up” last year, and they’ve since cultivated a super loyal and super large following.

The key to their success? Likely the music, says Ryan in this week’s interview on the Zach Sang Worldwide Countdown. “It’s very much the album,” Ryan explains. “I think, in the last year, we very much became an album artist as opposed to those guys you know because of one hit song… It’s a very cohesive body of work and… it has a lot of themes people care about.”

It could also have something to do with the fact that (the uber famous) Rivers Cuomo of the band Weezer helped with creating the album. “He’s amazing. I still can’t believe that even happened,” says Jack. “We didn’t mean for ‘Sober Up’ to be a single. We often try to write a single… but with ‘Sober Up,’ we sat down and wrote a song in a half hour about wanting to feel young again,” adds Ryan.

For more about AJR’s rise to fame, listen to the full interview above!

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