Forget March Madness, we’re prepping for ‘STARCH MADNESS‘!!

So we’re asking you: “Who has the BEST French fries”?

Help us crown a definitive champion!

Our first match up was close. New York Fries gave McDoanlds a run for their money, but in the end, McDonalds won and moves on to the semi-final of competition.

Our second bracket was neck and neck between Red Robin & Five Guys. Five Guys ended up winning this match up and will take on McDonalds in the semi-final round.

Our third match up, could have gone either way between Cactus Club and Nando’s. Cactus Club took the win and advances on to the semi-finals.

For our fourth round it was a bit more of a landslide vote between White Spot and Costco. Costco took the win and advances on to the semi-finals.


Our first semi-final match up was a landslide victory with McDonalds knocking Five Guys out of the competition!

Our second semi-final match up between Cactus Club and Costco was a closer race to the finish line. Costco ended up running away with the win!


In the finals McDonalds took on Costco. We got thousands of votes and we now know the ultimate champion of “Starch Madness!”


*Drum-roll please.*





To celebrate McDonalds big win, we have teamed up with them to give back to you for voting them your favourite.


Two words: FREE FRIES!


Check out all the details here!


Thanks for participating in “Starch Madness!”


-Kevin and Sonia


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