This is for all of us that ever wanted to and have cheated during a game of Monopoly.


We’ve all been there. We have stolen some money or taken an extra turn.


Now there is a “Cheaters” version of this classic board game being released!


‘Monopoly: Cheaters Edition’ will be similar to the original Monopoly, but encourages players to try to get away with things like stealing money from the bank or moving another player’s token.


If you successfully cheat and complete the task, you receive a reward. If you’re caught, you may have to pay or go to jail and wear actual handcuffs. Hahaha. (They come included with the game.)


Here’s a look at what you can expect:



One major change to this edition is that there is no dedicated banker. When it becomes your turn to play, you become the banker, making it easier to steal money.


This sounds perfect!



‘Monopoly: Cheaters Edition’ will be available for purchase starting this fall for $19.99.


– Producer Jordan

-Kevin and Sonia


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