But you’re going to have to jump on your broom or get in the Weasley’s flying car to get there!




The Barge Ladies cruise company in the UK have whizzed up this magical Harry Potter River Cruise. This enchanting spectacle will take place on the River Thames and it will stop at many of the magical filming locations featured in the Harry Potter series!


The Harry Potter Magic Cruises runs from August 11-15 & 19-25th. (Limited availability).


You might need to sell your ‘Firebolt’ broom to afford tickets though! You will need to get to the UK first, which is expensive. Then you will have to buy your ticket for the cruise. Tickets cost a staggering $4190 per person!


Will you be going on the Harry Potter River Cruise?


For more info check out The Barge Ladies website.


– Producer Jordan

-Kevin and Sonia



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