Do you have an iPhone?


If you have been a victim of the Apple iPhone slowdown, there is a fix on the way. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s got good news for you: You’ll soon be able to turn that functionality off.


In an interview with ABC News, Tim apologized for perhaps not being clear enough about the motivation behind the move, which only became widely known after developer John Poole published a study which showed that the performance of iPhone 6S and 7 degrade over time.


“We deeply apologize to anybody that thinks we had some other kind of motivation, cause our motivation is always the user.”



Tim said, “In a developer release that’s gonna happen next month, we’re gonna give people the visibility of the health of the battery, so it’s very, very transparent. We will tell somebody, we’ll say we are slightly reducing your performance by a certain amount, in order to not have an unexpected restart, and if you don’t want it, you can turn it off. ”


To deactivate the slowdown what you will need to do is download the next iOS update and turn off the feature!


It will be that easy.


The new update will also show you “the health of the battery.”


– Producer Jordan

-Kevin and Sonia


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