After an 18 year hiatus, the four brothers from BC are releasing a new single and EP. On January 10th, The Moffatts will debut their single “Secrets” from a 6 song EP with the same name. According to a press release, the album will feature “powerful harmonies, infectious rhythmic melodies, and great guitar licks”.

“Back in the late 90’s The Moffatts were EMI Music’s #1 International Priority, and toured the world extensively, where they sold in excess of 7 million albums, and were presented with Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries. Their last album, Submodalities featured the #1 hit – Bang Bang Boom, which at the time was the fastest #1 single in Canadian music history.”

To get you excited for January 10, here’s a couple of Moffatts essential listening:



Source: Wire Service 

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