*Cue the constant complaining*


The long-rumored theory that a man experiences the flu worse than women actually might be true. All of the extra whining and complaining could be coming from a place of truth.


This video pretty much sums it up.



A Canadian doctor says there’s evidence the ‘man flu’ is actually real!


Among the findings, women have a stronger immune system than men, women are more responsive to vaccine than men and testosterone acts as an immunosuppressant while estrogen operates in reverse. Guys with a lot of testosterone tend to get the flu worse.

The point of the study is to prove that men are not just big babies when they catch the flu. Men tend to suffer more when they get the bug.


I have totally been a culprit of this. “I’m so sick, please comfort me, can I have some more soup? I’m DYING!”




Are you buying the study? Do men tend to over do it when they are sick?


– Producer Jordan

-Kevin and Sonia



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