“The Biebs” made a surprise appearance in Whistler last week!


Justin showed up and joined the team for a good ole game of hockey.


One dad, Rob Palm, posted to Facebook praising the coaches for keeping Justin’s visit under wraps, telling the young players that “some new guy” would be stopping by to try out for the team.



According to Whistler’s Pique newspaper, “Bieber hit the ice for two periods, even scoring two goals. After the practice, Bieber hung around to chat with the players and pose for photos.”


Justin and the team had a great time! Steve Legge, president of the Whistler Minor Hockey Association said, “He was very humble, he was very polite, and just excited to be there. We gave him a jersey, and he instantly put it on. He just wanted to go play.”



Apparently the call came the night before. So no one had any idea, except for the president of the hockey team. Not even his kids at home knew. Steve said, “Mike, the coach, only knew at 11:30 p.m., because I had to warn him… I kept the best secret in Whistler, I think.”


Steve also said Justin was pretty shy, “Sincere, genuine and humble would be the best three words I can use to describe that man. He was pretty shy, too… I was very impressed.”


How awesome is that? These hockey players will have no problem impressing the ladies now with their photo of them and J Biebs!


– Producer Jordan

-Kevin and Sonia



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