Often when you decide on a movie to take in, it’s purely for the fact that you hope it takes you away (albeit momentarily) to a place beyond your current existence and daily woes and sometimes you hope for what transpires on screen to transport you to a place beyond your wildest dreams. Movies are meant to be an escape, an adventure, a trip to another world where we can explore how the other side lives, and in the case of Disney/Pixar’s animated masterpiece Coco, the other side is living large.

13 year old Anthony Gonzalez stars as the voice of Miguel, a boy so full of life and energy who just wants to play music all day long but his family is NOT having it due to unforeseen family circumstances from the past, buuuut boys will be boys and Miguel finds ways to deny their wishes at every turn regardless of how upset they become. When Miguel and his dog Dante inexplicably stumble into the afterlife during the Day of the Dead festival, he learns real quick that the trip back to the land of the living won’t be the easiest journey attainable.

Coco takes animation to entirely different levels with the most vibrant colours and attention to detail in ages. On par with, if not surpassing, the genius of Avatar, every human and creature alike jumps out of the frame in such incredible detail. At times, it’s difficult to differentiate reality from fantasy, and that’s a good problem to have for the casual viewer who feels they’ve been brought into this wild world of wonder with these incredible characters.

Pixar movies in particular are known for evoking emotion and tugging at heartstrings and Coco will definitely have your 3D glasses fogging up on occasion. Ahem. I mean so I’ve heard…


Anthony Gonzalez is the voice of Miguel in Disney/Pixar’s “Coco”

Anthony Gonzalez is on his way to big things and if voicing Miguel in Coco is any indication of what’s to come, he’s on his way to being a household name in no time. He took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the audition process, what it’s like being involved with such a great team, his acting and musical aspirations and more!


Ana Ramirez was huge part of bringing Disney/Pixar’s Coco to life, with her absolutely stunning artwork and breathtakingly beautiful creations and colours that literally came to life on screen. We had the honour of catching up with one of the premier Visual Development Artists in the game today when she was in Vancouver.


Disney/Pixar have outdone themselves with Coco and it’s a safe to say sequels and/or spin-offs are in the future of the soon-to-be franchise – The Ara Show


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