If you were planning on using Operation Red Nose this year, you better check twice to see if they are operating in your area. Ha, see what I did there. Check twice. Anyways.


Operation Red Nose, the by-donation driving service won’t be operating in the Surrey / Langley area this year. The previous organization is no longer able to deliver it!




If you live in Surrey or Langley (like I do) we need this service! Transit is way tougher out in these areas and we rely on a safer way to get home over the holiday season.


Hopefully this is only suspended for Surrey and Langley this year and will be back next year. 


Chris Wilson, a spokesperson for Operation Red Nose says volunteers from neighbouring communities might be able to organize rides from Surrey and Langley but warns that service would be inconsistent. “If we’re dropping somebody off in Langley and there is someone to be picked up in Langley, we will do it,” he said.


The non-profit service will still be available in New West, Burnaby and tri-cities.


There you have it, you better start looking for an alternate way home after a night of partying over this holiday season.


Now if only we had Uber or Lyft in this area. Just sayin!


– Producer Jordan

-Kevin and Sonia




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