Why does it seem like Japan gets all the fun flavours!? Would you be brave enough to try cake flavoured pepsi? If the thought of it isn’t sweetness-overload for you, then read on.

Tradition in Japan, Christmas is celebrated with a sponge cake covered with whipped cream, and filled with strawberries.

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IMAGE: japancentre.com


In the official release, Pepsi describes the cola:

“Pepsi Christmas Cola” to be released this time is a white cola with a sweet and sour strawberry flavor reminiscent of Christmas cake’s cream and glowing up the Christmas season and year-end feeling that demand for carbonation increases.
The package is a color scheme of white and red, treated with reindeer, tree, snowman and other fun design motifs in winter, finished in a design with special feel like Christmas.

It officially goes on sale in Japan Nov. 21. To be honest I’d be more excited if Orbitz came back.

IMAGE: Wikipedia

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