I went through all 105 of Oprah’s Favourite Things this year, so you don’t have to. Along with her usual selection of fancy food, cheese knives, and alpaca wool slippers, she also chose these ridiculous items that no one really needs, and most people are just too broke for.


6. $200 Birdhouse

“These are literally for the birds…and the people who love watching them. Architecture varies, but they all come with ventilation, drainage, and a removable wall or panel for easy cleaning. I promise there will be tweeting about these”—Oprah


5. $200 Toy That Plays With Your Dog So You Don’t Have To

“Give a dog a better bone. The GoBone automatically keeps a pup rolling around, chasing, and being chased, all at the touch of an app. This is at the top of Sadie’s wish list.”—Oprah


4. $80 Tea

“These need to be sipped and seen. The canisters are as elegant as it gets. As for the organic loose-leaf teas: Canyon Chai and caffeine-free, fair-trade Hindu Holiday are spiced with cardamom, ginger, and rose petals.”—Oprah


3. $300 Machine That Stops You From Snoring By Inflating Your Pillow

“If you sleep with a snorer, you’re going to love the Smart Nora. It eliminates the need to elbow someone in the ribs to get him or her (him!) to stop. The battery-powered Nora senses snores and gently pumps air into a pillow insert, shifting the snorer’s head and neck to help him breathe easier (quieter!).”—Oprah


2. $285 Tequila That’s Better Because Oprah Said So

“Well, here it is again! I’ve sampled tequilas all over the world, but Casa Dragones is still my go-to. Blanco is delightful mixed into cocktails, but the one I love for sipping on its own is Joven. It’s a blend of silver and extra-aged tequila—and believe me, it ages gracefully.”—Oprah


  1. $1,200 Bike That Will Definitely Get Stolen In 2 Min

“This bike is a monochromatic masterpiece, a work of art that truly moves you—its two gears shift automatically. It’s light and made to last, with a basket built into the frame. You can choose from eight shades, but I can’t wait to ride my brand-new white one around Santa Barbara.”—Oprah





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