HBD, Lilz! The Riverdale star is down-to-earth, hilarious and she loves her fans—doesn’t that sound like a top daddy to you? It’s no secret that there’s been an ongoing debate between the cast about who is the most daddy, but, in honour of her big day, we’re here to confirm that Reinhart wins.

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In case you were wondering WTF “daddy” means, even the Riverdale cast can’t reach a consensus. Some, like Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom), think it refers to the biggest DILF (Dad I’d Like To F-ck) on the show, of which there are many (read: Skeet Ulrich (F.P. Jones) and Luke Perry (Fred Andrews)). But others, like Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, use the term in all sorts of ways.

Despite all that, it’s clear Reinhart is the undisputed daddy—and she knows it. Here, 21 times she proved it

When she was the queen of GIF-ing herself

When she was hilariously honest about a wardrobe malfunction

When she said what was on all of our minds… 


And again… 

When she proved Cole wasn’t worthy of hanging out with her level of daddy

When she celebrated being cast as Betty Cooper in the most relatable way

When even mama Reinhart admits that Lili is daddy

When she was all of us in a drive-thru

When she was such a 90s kid…

And again…

And again.

When she hated low-fat yogurt like the rest of us

When she was not having any body-shaming

When she was the BFF/hype-woman everyone needs

When she perfectly meme’d Camila Mendes (AKA Veronica Lodge)

When she clapped back at a hateful tweet with an iconic Beyoncé moment

When she reacted to mercury retrograde like the rest of us non-famouses

When she was all of us knowing another day of work awaits

When she exposed that Riverdale parties are exactly how ours were in high school

When she admitted that, sometimes, being daddy is pretty weird

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