The driver called the $575 fine ‘insane’ according to tweet from West Shore RCMP.


Forest fires are still very much a threat in the area as this year has been especially dry on Vancouver Island. To help prevent the chance of brush fires starting on the side of the road, West Shore RCMP have been cracking down on drivers. If you get caught flicking a cigarette butt out your window while driving, get ready to pay the price.

Yesterday, West Shore RCMP tweeted about a drive that got caught at Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy and Goldstream Avenue and apparently, wasn’t too impressed with the price.

Sure, $575 is a bit steep. But it’s not as bad as the almost $381 million* it costs the Province every year to fight forest fires across BC.

So how about you just don’t throw out your cigarette butts in the first place and you won’t have to worry about having to spend half of your rent money on a fine?

Seems pretty self explanatory.

Officials are also reminding campers about the campfire ban that is still in place for the long weekend.


*numbers reported from 2015-2016

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