If you haven’t seen Taylor Swift’s new music video “Look What You Made Me Do”… what are you doing? Hiding under a rock?


It has quickly become the most watched video in one 24 hour period. With 28 million views!! That’s 3 million views per hour. Taylor has beat out “Despacito,” which got 22 million views in 24 hours, and Adele’s “Hello,” which racked up 27 million views.


Congratulations to Taylor on this milestone!




While watching the music video, did you notice all the hidden messages? It is speculated that Taylor is ‘not so secretly’ throwing shade at Kimye, Katy and all the haters she has come in contact with along her career so far.

Check out this video and see if you noticed all these messages:



Not included in this hidden message video is the recent $1 victory against the Denver radio DJ that reportedly groped Taylor at a meet in greet.


Take a look at the symbolic $1 bill here:


Source: Taylor Swift - YouTube / Look What You Made Me Do
Source: Taylor Swift – YouTube / Look What You Made Me Do


Did you catch all of these messages when you watched?


Do you like the video? Are you a fan of Taylor, or is she a snake?


-Producer Jordan

Kevin and Sonia



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