Should you be able to enjoy a beer while you sit on the beach? A peaceful protest is happening in English Bay to make the case for it.


Summer, beaches and beer. They all go hand in hand, right? But right now, you’re not able to enjoy a drink with your toes in the sand on public beaches in BC and one craft beer consumer group is trying to change that.

The event, dubbed “Beer on the Beach: A Picnic Protest,” calls on the public to descend on English Bay in Vancouver to have a picnic and crack a beer at noon on Sunday.

Global News reports:

“There will be no beer for sale or supplied to anyone at the event; but some of us will be bringing a beer to drink responsibly at the event as a form of protest,” said the event’s description.

“People are expected to behave intelligently and responsibly. We will be notifying the Vancouver Police Department and they can choose to send officers to oversee it if they so choose.”

Public spaces to drink in BC currently don’t exist, but it wouldn’t be hard to make the change to line up with places in Alberta and Quebec that currently permit alcohol consumption while picnicking. As well as many other countries around the world allow this.


Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) president David Perry argues that normalizing the responsible consumption of alcohol in public places could actually make people safer.

“People are [already] drinking in public. People are at beaches, are consuming, and they’re doing it secretly,” he said.

It’ll be interesting to see if this protest brings any changes.


Are you for or against being able to have a drink on the beach?


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