Air travel can be stressful. To make your next trip to the airport a bit more enjoyable, YVR now has 7 new furry staff members to brighten up your experience!


The next time you have a rough time going through security or your flight gets bumped, don’t get stressed, go find a pooch to snuggle!

YVR now have 7 fluffy four-legged friends whose sole job is to help you relax.

The airport has launched its Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI), aimed at helping travellers manage their stress.


Molly, Bailey, Mira, Norman, Grover, Kermode, and Soda from St. John Ambulance’s Therapy Dog Program will take turns touring the halls before and after security around the airport.


The seven “Ambassador Dogs” will be at the airport between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday to Friday, giving weary and woeful passengers a chance to cuddle and relax.

“We know that passengers can be stressed when they’re travelling,” Reg Krake, director of customer care for YVR says.

“It’s a great alternative option… having dogs in the terminal. They’re PADS trained, so they can actually reduce (passenger’s) stress, relax, and actually have a smile or a laugh before they head on their journey. After all, travel is fun. You want to enjoy the journey. So adding the ambassador dogs really makes a difference for people just to enjoy, relax, and have fun.”


No word yet on whether more dogs will be added of if the program will be expanded weekends in the future. But for now, the pooches are here to stay!



Source: News1130

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