BIG BROTHER is your Summer addiction and every week we’ll be picking the brain of the evicted house guest to get the real deal on what went down in the house! Time to chat with Elena!

What a rush being in a game like Big Brother! The Double Eviction went down this week and you were sent out the door. Early on in the game, you teamed up with Mark in one of the handful of showmances this season. Looking back, would you have played any differently given a second chance?

I absolutely would have played a bit differently but I don’t regret my time with Mark at all. He negatively affected my game in a few ways but that is a small price to pay for how much I gained from having him in the house. He made my days better. I’d rather have some who’s a ride or die than someone like Paul who I thought I could trust but in reality subtly stabbing me in the back. 

You were like a loveable (yet opinionated) goldfish in a house swimming with piranhas and sharks trying to eat each other alive. You walked outta the house $5K richer and a super mad Alex fuming. How did you avoid the majority of the drama that went on inside the house and why do you think Josh had it out for you so hard?

I always say that I want to be intentional and mindful about the things I say and do, and only move forward if it serves me. I don’t find that confrontation often serves me, I think it’s negativity that isn’t necessary, however if I’m presented with a situation that confrontation is unavoidable, I have no problem engaging and handling my business. My strategy was to avoid it as much as possible in the house because a lot of times those big fights put a big target on your back and I was not trying to be a target, especially early on. Josh was maybe mad because I was uninterested in him romantically, or he may just be mad that I was one of the votes to evict him the other week…my opinion about Josh is, when there is a fight going on in the house, and he is not involved, no matter who is fighting or what it’s about, he makes it about himself.  

As a fellow radio personality, you get to interview people from all walks of life and you really get to know people from how they respond to you. Psychoanalyze the three smartest houseguests in your opinion, and rate their games. 

I think I’m one of the smartest houseguests so I’m gonna put me in this category. Paul – very intelligent human, very socially aware, and uses both to play his game. He does a really great job at making people feel special when speaking to them. Just the fact that he has experience that none of us have made it even easier for him to portray himself the way he likes to be portrayed. Kevin – he knows a lot of things about a lot of things, and a lot of nothing about Big Brother. He’s socially aware and understands what’s happening in the house and what he’s doing, and I commend him for it. Matt, he’s a smart guy but he’s boring. He throws competitions, he walks away from drama, and he’s aggressive in no way whatsoever. I think I’m extremely intelligent and very socially aware and had a good chance of going far in this game. Cody and Mark hindered my social game quite a bit and that just sucks, but it is what it is though.

Is the house out of their minds keeping a strategic player like Paul in the game? What’s the mentality there? 

Absolutely they’re all out of their minds. I don’t understand why Paul is still in the house. He was very sly about his game until recently. I noticed the shift in Paul’s behaviour and some dynamics changing in relationships he had and that’s when his behaviour went from sly to sketchy. And I realized that I was being played by him and that’s when he became number one on my radar. I think getting me out of the house is an easier house agenda than to take an actual shot at Paul. 

You got to play with Otev but you missed out on Zingbot. What were you hoping to hear him zing you for?

I’m a Big Brother fan so I was really looking forward to playing Otev, playing in the elimination veto, getting to meet zingbot. I have no idea what zingbot would have zinged me with. I would guess maybe something to do with mine and Mark’s showmance, or the love triangle between Josh and Mark and myself or maybe just an easy shot at like my boobs. I don’t know!

New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global
New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global


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