BIG BROTHER is your Summer addiction and every week we’ll be picking the brain of the evicted house guest to get the real deal on what went down in the house! Time to chat with Jessica!

Whattup Jess! Canadians are HUGE fans of all things Big Brother, and this season has been crazy on so many levels with some truly heavy duty super gamers gunning for the ultimate prize. How did you mentally prepare before stepping foot inside the house?

Let me tell you that the second I stepped foot in the house, everything I had mentally prepared for, went right out the house. I anticipated being one of the loudest people in the house. But the second I stepped in and heard all of the loud personalities, it was shocking. I was not one of the biggest personalities in the house by far and that completely threw me off. I expected to be able to be best friends with everyone and that quickly was not going to be the case. You can’t prepare yourself for that situation – you think you know what it’s like but it was nothing like I expected. 

It didn’t take long for explosions to go off within the house and this season has been the most dramatic ever. You’re stuck in house with all these people you pretty much have to put up with (aside from Cody) for your shot at the $500,000. What was the deal with you vs. Alex? What sparked the beef and why?

The reason Alex and I didn’t get along was because when Cody was first HOH he essentially saved Alex’s partner in crime Jason. The entire house wanted Cody to nominate Jason, and he didn’t. That furthered Alex’s game and she didn’t stay loyal to Cody at all, and that makes me dislike her. People didn’t understand why Cody kept trying to bring Jason and Alex in to our alliance and they weren’t having it. Because Cody and I were so close, people looked to me to kind of control that. And when I wasn’t able to do that, it put a target on my back and people started judging me for that. And once Cody was on the block, she campaigned against him and voted to evict him. And when she won HOH, she put me on the block and targeted me. So even after Cody tried to align himself with her she never stayed loyal.

You and Cody had it out with Josh on numerous occasions throughout the season, and to be honest, it got pretty ugly. Back and forth, pots and pans, shouts and insults, more pots and pans. Even though he instigated a ton, any regrets when it comes to Josh?

I regret a lot of the conversations that I’ve had with Josh because they were absolutely pointless. He talks in circles and makes no sense. Josh just likes the spotlight, there’s something about a camera being on Josh that just turns him into a different person. There was even a week when Paul was HOH, I said to Josh, I actually don’t mind you when you don’t have pots and pans in my face, and we laughed and we hugged it out. Then just a couple of hours later I had pots and pans thrown back in my face. At the end of the day, Big Brother is a reality show, you’re not a character, and you’re supposed to be playing yourself. And if you’re not true to yourself, what do you really have.

The houseguests knew you were a strong competitor, they knew you were mentally tough, and they knew you and Cody were such a force in that house they wanted to break you two up like their existence on the planet depended on it. Do you feel you pretty much threw away your game, isolating yourself with Cody and playing an Us vs. the rest of the house game?

What I don’t think people realize is that there’s only so much fakeness in a day one can handle. And people in the house like Raven and Christmas and Paul, were lying to my face almost on a daily basis and stabbing me in the back consistently. And even though I had information to prove they were lying to me, I couldn’t always share who was giving me that information. So in order to protect them, I didn’t call people out on their lies. I don’t really have any interest in developing relationships with people who I know were lying to me. So I wasn’t isolating myself with Cody for any other reason but I just couldn’t stand the back stabbing anymore. It’s not something that I wanted to continue to deal with. Cody and I went and did our own thing, and fought until our last breath, and I’m proud of how far we got knowing how big of targets we were.

You and Cody, against all odds (and pots and pans) still managed to focus on what mattered to you two most. Each other. He was voted out, won his way back in, and it was game on for Jess and Cody against the world. It’s not often you feel that a reality tv showmance will turn into a real world romance, but it’s pretty much a given with you two. How do you feel Cody will do without you by his side, and what advice do you wish you could whisper in his ear right now?

I honestly feel like Big Brother wrote a fairy tale for my life in that aspect. Between Cody being evicted, and him fighting his way back, and me being able to save him. It was just all so poetic and satisfying. There’s definitely going to be a Cody and I outside of the house and I’m really happy about that. I honestly want to see Cody go at it alone and give the house hell because it will be so entertaining to watch. Every week that he’s in the house, he has no one to thank but himself, and I think he’s earned his spot there. If I could whisper any advice to him it would be to stay the hell away from Alex.

Speed Round…first word that comes to mind when you think of…


Christmas: Liar

Alex: Homewrecker

Cody: Love

Paul: Puppeteer

Josh: Moron

New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global
New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global


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